Ross Hansberger

Wealth Advisor

Ross was born and raised in Minnesota with his two brothers, by two caring parents. Ross’ father was a small business owner and his mother was a nurse. They instilled values of hard work and independence in all of their children.  

After high school, Ross attended Minnesota State University, Mankato where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree. After graduation Ross was a Police Officer in the State on Minnesota, until he joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a Special Agent in 2009. Ross was moved to Los Angeles after completing the FBI Academy where he worked on Continuing Criminal Enterprise and RICO cases. In 2015, Ross was moved to FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., where he worked as a Supervisory Special Agent until a severe back injury. The back injury no longer allowed him to physically perform the essential functions of a Special Agent, at which time Ross transitioned from government service to the financial sector.  

Ross has always had a passion for wealth management and long-term financial planning, even opening his first investment accounts before turning 18. Ross is an avid reader of financial articles and news.  

Ross lives in Virginia with his wife and four children. He enjoys the time spent outside with his family, all of the kid’s sporting events, and the company of the great friends they have made in the area. Ross also enjoys time spent traveling, gathering with extended family and volunteering in the community.