Who We Are

A well-crafted millstone lasts centuries.  It is both the most important and most reliable part of a mill.  Millstone Wealth Management was founded on the same principles as those represented by a millstone: reliable, durable, consistent and hard working.  We see ourselves as the millstone to our client’s financial well-being. 

The investment advice we deliver starts with getting to know our clients and their needs. Our independence allows us to deliver comprehensive financial advice without undue influence from a corporate home office’s product sales goals.  We plan everything we do around the truth that lasting, positive relationships within our team and with our clients is based on mutual trust; one of transparency not of products to be sold. 

Just as our clients rely on our financial expertise, we utilize a team of experts such as a clients CPA, an estate or business attorney, or any other professionals.  Our end goal is to make our client’s money work by providing them the advice they need in order to make the personal and financial decisions that lead to a lifetime and more of financial security.